Child’s Play 2019 (Chucky)

Child’s Play 2019 (Chucky)

I’m a big fan of the original franchise that came out in the ’80s and you ran Cola junkie and the like, that’s all you know what you knew about Don Mancini, but we all know that this new one Child’s Play movie has nothing to do with this cool franchise that’s just going on. It’s a separate thing that MGM does and I’m an I’m a big horror fan.

I love the whole nightmare on Elm Street. Sigh, you do not know the remake, but you know, I love all Friday Thirteens and all. When I found out they were making this remake too, I was just like Oh, I think it’s going to happen someday when it comes to a lot of things we grow up that let you know and love the nightmare I’m for I did not really care, and the Friday 13 we did was not bad for you You know, I mean, I thought you knew it was pretty decent, so I tried to make this remake of the breeze.

You know, open-minded, you know, I mean, because I grew up and watched those movies The people you know that you know are shooting this movie or starring in those movies, and I really was excited when I found out that they were using Mark Hamill to utter the voice of Chucky, your buddy, or whatever you want to call him, in this movie I was okay, that could be cool because we all know his you.

Child's Play 2019 (Chucky) –
Child’s Play 2019 (Chucky) –

I know his linguistic background and how you know the Batman animated series and know that you know other things like that, but I was just a warning for this movie. I wanted this movie to be secretly good, but you know it was one of those that did not just surprise me and it did not upset me, it was just that you know that narrow street that you think I have I behave the same kind of decor in a way, but Chucky, the Chucky doll, is not obsessed.

You know a person who feels like he’s one with a dollar like a chip and is smart. You’re welcome to control smart TVs, smart computers, smartphones, and all those gadgets, and so on I thought that would be an interesting concept for the movie, but you know it’s a killer doll that you know is giving this poor little boy and he a gift and hell breaks loose.

I want you to know me Like the relationship between Chucky and Andy in this one, I somehow felt sad and you know that you are somehow sad for Chucky because all he really wants to do is let Andy know that you know, Andy, and let him know that he’s there for him as if I’m your buddy. I’m here for you and you know, but he knows how years you are, like Andy’s saying something about someone like you and then Chucky wants to strive that this is someone who makes Andy sad and you know that I do not know. I do not want to go on knowing you’re too deep in here, but Mark Hamill, as you know, is Chucky, and I like the young actor Andy plays in this movie. Child’s Play 2019

I thought he did a pretty decent job and I’m working on mistakes that were cool here. Your tiny comedic moments in certain places that I thought fit them to the movie, is there a man you know that the comedy in this movie, which you know I’ve enjoyed, was pretty decent in here for you for 20-19 horror movie in my opinion, but it’s also not a movie that you know he just does come on it and you did not excite me, to see a continuation of it.

I do not mean that I like certain movies like the Hüftkapitel one, like oh dude I want to see what happens differently, although I already know it, so I saw her original, which you know, that it is for television but I wanted to see what this transition will look like, you know, but as if watching this new cosplay movie, I would not be so excited that I know if I  on you do it, if they make another good.

I’m looking at it, but it’s not one of those movies, oh yeah, that’s it you know, I mean, we’re not when I see them. You know the original trilogy here. You know, I do not know that it was like doing something different to me. Oh, Chucky How will it come back, now you know something, but like in this new one, I’m just as if I do not mind there A scary song that happened in the end. You know it’s in the credits.

I thought it was really cool and scary in my opinion, but um, I want to know what you think and comments on in the comments below, if you’ve seen this, and know about the theater and stuff, but you know, give us your rating and the like, but I give this a score of about 5 out of 10, it did not impress me, but I did not understand that I was not mad, you know whatsoever, but yeah, let me in too know the comments, guys, what’s your favorite kiddie or Chucky movie you know in the franchise and let me know below and thanks.


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