Casablanca – I Don’t Get Why People Like It

Casablanca – I Don’t Get Why People Like It

How are you, it’s time for another episode of the modern audience, and today we’ll talk about the famous classic movie Casablanca starring Humphrey Bogart Ingrid Bergman, who plays Victor Laszlo. No one knows what the actor’s name is Whatever, Humphrey Bogart. I’m so sorry. Yes. Casablanca is a movie that plays during World War II. It’s a love story. He is considered by the American Film Institute to be one of the best films of all time. I think it’s number 2 There it is viewed by critics all along as a Hollywood classic. Casablanca is the worst thing I do not like. I do not understand why so many people love this movie for reasons why it’s good because I do not say this movie is just bad. Obviously, it would not be bad if he got such a reputation.

The spectacle is excellent. Humphrey Bogart is a master Temporary work as an actress Ingrid Bergman does a great job as an actress She’s great They’re both great actors We actresses You know, you know they did a great job and what they do I think those are the ones Boundaries are the positive things I had to say about this movie, which I do not like at first, okay, Humphrey Bogart’s character, he’s that guy who’s just for himself, he’s not going to stretch out my neck for anyone In the movie, it’s okay that a girl broke his heart, and now he’s not sticking out anybody’s neck, not even in the one situation where you’re likely to reach out to other people They help in the fight against the Nazi party, or you know what it looks like.

Casablanca - I Don't Get Why People Like It –
Casablanca – I Don’t Get Why People Like It –

So it’s the one time you ought to stick someone else’s neck out, okay so he can no big deal, so I mean he’s a character, okay, he should not be very nice anyway, but you know he’s not bad. I’m Victor Laszlo, the guy who plays him, he’s Ingrid Bergman’s other love interest, he’s the most respected character in this movie and he’s a great guy he’s trying to fight There was a fight against the powers, and yeah yeah, I have no problem with it. He behaved well. yeah, nice character Ingrid Bergman’s character is why I just can not stand as a movie. Ingrid Bergman’s character I do not remember Her name is the actual name of the character that Inger Inger Bergman plays.

She is the worst she is going to and fro. I like this guy now. I like this guy. Oh, my feelings, she’s the worst you know I guess, now we’ve got this whole thing to do with me and I think the character she’s playing in this movie is probably the exact opposite of what many people are People say women should be now Fact is, and I understand, okay, it’s an old movie. At that time, things were different, but there are strong characters or strong female lead roles in other films.

I can imagine that Marlene Dietrich’s characters in her various films were very strong characters, which were not just for time reasons, but when you see movies that make fun of old films, you have the heroine who, as always, is close to it is to always be in love and just to be completely dominated by your own emotions and to take control of your own character. Normally I think that what they normally imitate is Ingrid Bergman’s character in this movie and she is just like that washed out and so annoying. I do not understand why I am free. Bogart found that attractive.

I do not understand why Victor Laszlo finds the other love interest in this love triangle movie interesting, but this movie is hailed as a romantic classic. I do not understand that there’s even a Saturday Night Live episode where KITT makes Kate McKinnon fun of all this exchange like Kim Greenberg Mintz like no no no do not let me fall in love with you um I’m not very good at it to imitate the woman of the forties like an actress from her forties, but um, you hurt her character just really ruin the movie for me, so I can not really do that, then everything is back to normal.

I mean, I understand that there are a lot of people out there to like Casablanca, I respect your opinion, that’s just me, but me just do not understand it, you know, and me and that’s the title of this old movie. I film a modern audience. I think this is a movie that’s from Hollywood’s classic era, but it’s, in my opinion, a museum. I do not think this is a great place to get into all the movies because I think that not many people like it. There are other great movies that hold their value much better than Casablanca reviews these films.


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