Playing in the 1980s, Steinfeld follows the Autobot’s bumblebee as he stumbles over the house of this young girl, finds his voice, and fights off some Decepticons who have invaded Earth.

This young girl is learning about herself and trying to reunite with someone for the first time Since I lost her father, I’ve been talking about all the Transformers movies on my channel before the original cartoon I like and Michael Bay’s first movie are not bad.

Since this film was released in the ’80s, he has a new director as a new lead actor able to condense much of what the Transformers movies have exaggerated, and this movie is certainly the best I’ve ever seen in the Transformers -Franchise since the first one that does not say so much in the face of the quality of Those who came after the first, but that’s jumpy and it’s a good course correction, because it understands what the Transformers fans want to see there A feeling This original Transformers cartoon, which Michael Bay’s films simply did not understand and confused with Travis Knight’s directing, makes that heart-warming sense.

Bumblebee Movie Review – RapidDrama.com
Bumblebee Movie Review – RapidDrama.com

It has many benefits, a new one Director for this movie on board because it’s just a new, fresh vision and it’s something The script was written by Christina Hudson, who was considered the caged and memorable writer in the past, and I was a little worried that I have been missing from these films in the Transformers movies in the past, but this is definitely their best work. There was a new version of the film by Kelly Fremont Craig, which she did not write in the credits and directed with Steinfeld. I thought it was an excellent movie. Maybe this recast helped, but she did it.

I do not know that I’m just saying that this script is better than what Christina Hudson did before and memorable, these were two films that were just like the most disposable, honest horrible movies, and so it’s nice to see that she has improved a bit, but there are some aspects of this script that bugged me, and some directions in which the movie leads, which I could not help but notice with as much as in other movies the biggest and most obvious comparison is et it is extremely similar to ET so much that it almost feels like that The script has looked at Melissa Matheson’s original work with ET and recreated beat after beat.

It is obvious that this entity is from another planet, and a young person has found that a friend feels well when their father dies, and ET Eliot’s father was gone, hiding Bumblebee from her parents and trying to kill him keep secret, just like Eliot and ET. After all, there’s a sequence in which Bumblebee comes out and devastates the house like an Et, and of course there’s a military subplot like in all Transformers movies, but in this movie it’s people who are after bumblebee because they feel that he is a threat and they must try to get him out of there, and for most of you, it is thought that these people who are after ET are evil help, but pay attention to the direct comparisons.

There are some sequences, even with missing information. There’s a scene where the mother takes the dog to the vet in Hummel, but she’s not sure. It’s a bumblebee, so Hailee Steinfeld tries to get there on her moped as fast as possible, and she gets her mom very fast and it’s like mom rolling over me.

I drive and she’s like oh, okay, okay, and then they go off I’m like what happened to the moped. Did you just leave it on the street and honestly, this is a really funny movie that I loved in the first half? I think the set-up is really good and I also thought Hailee Steinfeld was great. In the movie, this is perhaps my favorite performance from her. I think she did a great job. I like the family dynamics that were built up. I like her past. She used to be a diver, but she does not feel well with it because it was something her father encouraged and now that she is not around, she feels depressed. I also liked all the stuff with bumblebee.

The action sequences were all very well done. There are some fighting scenes that I thought were great should actually be an entertaining movie in which you can have a good time and not feel bad, because it’s just fun that some sequences with John Cena and his military subplot felt extremely hammy It’s reasonable to assume that if you’ve ever seen the Transformer show, it’s damned cheesy,

It’s very cheesy, if Bay’s Transformers movies and their military were just frightening and really bad and wrong and stupid luck is intentionally something of an ironic appeal, so I would say that my biggest problem with the movie is the comparison with ET, if you want to have a movie about an entity from another planet and a young child if you could connect with it You at least try to arrange the basic sub-plot and scenes in a different order, but it feels real It seems like the script is being used as a template for ET, almost just for copying and pasting and then changing the order.

For me, disappointing, some people may not even notice that some people do not care. I think most Transformers fans will just be glad to hear that there is a really good Transformers movie that respects the legacy, and I’m happy with this movie and would recommend it to you, you would see it, but I could make those comparisons not notice. I’ll give a bee to bumblebee. I think this movie was meant to be so great. It’s the perfect touch for this movie.

I would recommend that you see it. I think Transformers fans can breathe easier, it’s nice to see a fun Transformers movie that’s not just sparklers and scary, but also the laws of Romeo and Juliet. Oh my god, what were you thinking about Jesus Christ?


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