I have finally seen Brightburn, which is currently in the British cinemas. It comes from the producer James Guardians of the Galaxy Gun. It was also written by his brother and cousin Brian and Mark and by David Dr. invest which was staged I think he is an actor of the Galaxies, but he also shot the music video in which Hoff plays the lead role. Now they are telling the story of a farmer and his wife struggling to get a baby, but then their prayers seem to be answered when one crashes.

From space, they adopt and educate him as their own and soon realize that he has certain talents, but he is not necessarily a great boy. Therefore, the concept should sound familiar, as it is a deconstruction of the Superman myth that asks what would happen if that child did not do it. I do not stand for truth, justice, and all that stuff. What if it’s the exact opposite and it’s a really good idea that I was completely sold by the followers who did not hide what it had to do with at all.

Remarkably similar images as in the other Superman movies except for the typography they used. It should also be noted that this is a low-budget movie that apparently only has a budget of seven million dollars to link the original Superman of 1978 had a budget of 55 million, which was before inflation. Zack Snyder’s youngest man still had a budget of over 220 million. I really admire this movie because it looks a lot more expensive than I think low-budget movies have anything to do with it.

Brightburn –
Brightburn –

You really have to be ultra-creative and this movie has exactly what I want, though maybe a bit Spent more time in the development phase of the writing because some of them are obviously intentionally familiar with the Superman movies, I mean it even has some of the same lines as I think they were sent here for a reason, but there are others Times when I was a little bit worried when I tried to be his own thing, as when Brand descr is When I saw the difference between wasps and bees, one of them was predators and a pollinator.

I thought the boy who played Brandon was fine as that super-psycho, especially when things really got triggered in him and I liked Elizabeth Banks as his mother, who is full of motherly love for him, which she’s a bit naive about does anything that happens, I can not say that I recognize the actor they have to play the father, obviously the equivalent of Park Kent, though they say this character may not be. It is not so optimistic or hopeful as his colleagues on the screen.

I think he realizes early on that they can have a bit of a bad egg here and he has a pretty amusing scene where he has to talk to his son, which is changing The worst advice ever given because he says he should give in sometimes to your urge, and the kids like yes, go ahead, let’s go, it’s like, that’s pretty disturbing, but in terms of performance I think the nuclear family’s core services are okay, it’s supporting actors and characters who might have benefited from more experienced actors and better writing.

I obviously do not want to reveal anything, but there is a moment when one of Brandon’s victim’s witnesses quite outrageous things and his reaction to it let’s say we, except that acting, is a bit short. I mean, he sees things like Brandon floating and shattering with his bare hands, and he’s like that’s not going to happen. If I was in this situation.

That’s a shame because I think it’s generally quite realistic in terms of the movie and some of the gigs that made me.

I think it’s going to be a kind of satire, but there are some pretty satisfying deaths in the movie getting more and more violent as Brandon begins to discover the magnitude of his powers, but the film tends to lean into the horror tropics by contrast The Action Tros, which I think we’re reasonably well executed, for example, when Brandon does his super-villain stuff, it’s always in the background and it’s horror-movie stuff like victims he does not notice and it will be behind the curtain, all the stuff I’m fine with, but it does disappear gets a bit repetitive. I wish they had perhaps shown him that he was left a bit more off the chain, like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator, when he stormed that police station and he is completely unstoppable. I would have liked a similar scene to vary it a bit. Brightburn

That does not mean that the film does not arrive in the end, and as I said, is incredibly small. The budget is limited, so I can not really complain. What I will say about the end is when it started playing out. I thought this would either end in two ways and all I’m going to say is I was really happy with the way they were going. Brightburn

Now I know that I have not been too positive about this movie, but I really enjoyed it very much. I think it would have been fantastic if it had been rated 18 instead of 15 if there might have been better actors and a better script and budget. Yes, it would have been fantastic, but I still admire it. What you have achieved with so little, let me know your thoughts on Brightburn Down in the comments.


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