What are ugly fans and I welcome you on my channel today? I’m talking about the brand new breakthrough of a faith-based movie. I think this is the first faith-based movie I’ve reviewed on this page.

Now I’m not afraid to say that I’m a Christian, but if you’re reviewing a movie, you must do your best to avoid this tendency They are for something or against something that I like to review for the film and although these faith-based films will in many cases come out and I welcome the message as someone who responds to this kind of message when reviewing a movie you watch the movie and remove all your prejudices, and I’ll do it I admit that many of these films in this genre are not very well made and do not have the best quality, and that’s what I’m checking, and so must I proceed to review these films, regardless of what you believe or not believe, I review the film For the film we talk today about the breakthrough.

I want you to be informed in the comments below. Did you like it? Did not you like it? Do you hate it because it’s a faith-based movie I’ve seen? So many online reviews that sing well, that’s just nonsense, and I understand that from this point of view because I do not like to preach a movie, even if I believe what it preaches, I think that that’s what a movie critic is about now.

I give him a star just because it’s a Christian movie and I do not really judge the movie. I honestly do not take such critics seriously. They are complete and biased. I can not tell you how many times I watched a movie that was complete I disagree with the message, but it’s still a well-made movie, so I have to give it a good grade, but these critics say only that it is a Christian movie that is bad, and sometimes they are bad, but sometimes and then you get a Jim that comes through and really delivers the message to the target audience and also has pretty good cinematic elements.

Today I know that I was wandering around a bit today. I’ll talk about it, I’m sorry if I insulted someone but that’s the way I do it, when their 14-year-old son drowns in a lake, a faithful mother prays that he will come back from the brink of death and be healed, and me I do not have the people who watched this movie just to know how Oh, she prayed, but I want you to know that this film, although very much religious, contains elements that I think that many people will appreciate him, and that’s why I looked at Metascore and I saw the 50.

Breakthrough -
Breakthrough –

I think it’s much higher than a normal faith-based movie. Then I look at the cast and the cast is really talented. You’ve got Luke Cage with him, what the guy was really cool from the Allstate commercials and then you have Topher Grace I think he was one of the movie’s standout parts. He really embodied what it means to be a New Age pastor of a newer church, and I like the way they show the conflict in the church, which does not just emanate from it The number of worship services and the number of people praying and all the things you see in a movie like this. Usually, there are no tensions.

There are some things that people disagree with, what happens in a normal church. In this film, I’ve seen things I’ve seen in my past church life, whether it’s disagreement or not, about something believe, and then to someone who is responsible for this church and believes that this is the way And that is the conflict that I did not expect in this film, because many films in this sense have only superficial dimensions and not the character demonstrates. At the end of the movie, they just pray for things That’s what happens in real life, but you never understood where they came from the filmmaking perspective, but I got more from that in the movie than in a movie that looked at anything based so now Chrissie Metz I have not seen much of her, but what I saw was really good. She is emotionally great in this movie.

Your bandwidth is there. Her sympathy in times when one does not love what she does because she is very overdramatic, even though you understand where she comes from, because what happened to her son, but she shows that she becomes so emotional and that it actually There are tears that occur in this film, and I know that many people will say that there are eyes another and even if they like the acting and the performance, they will not like the movie because of the message, but I encourage you to overcome your beliefs and really get involved in filmmaking because it’s not bad if there are any that are very hacked off I remember two transitions that jumped somehow from one scene to another and me found that what we do here looks like the characters are in the middle of a conversation, and then everything else.

When we suddenly go to another scene, it just feels very off but there are usually more examples in a movie like this, and I have not found too many, and even the cinematography seems to me that it has paid more attention. So far, one thing that I have had problems with is especially at the beginning of the film. It’s not the best at the beginning of the movie. It started very slowly and some of the conversations between the characters were very cumbersome, they play pop songs and rap songs that censor the language that I found repulsive, and then you find out in the beginning before the movie even starts they have this kind of video behind the scenes. Steph Curry is a producer of this film and sure enough, The first scene is about Steph Curry.

He has a Steph Curry poster on the wall and I wish I could have found out, but I wish I did not know that Steph Curry is a producer because it just seemed like a shoehorn because I understand Why they did that, but after seeing that behind the scenes, it felt very disgusting and one thing I liked at the beginning of the movie As the kids can actually play basketball, they have not experienced high school musicals where all of these make unpleasant moves, and I think they do not play the sport that way, but the basketball scenes, though filmmaking was not the best I’ve ever had I like the fact that movies can spoil things like that, and there are such little details that do not interest everyone, and many movie critics may not be sports fans so they might do it I do not look at this I’m looking at something like that and these kids actually trickled and shot like a normal kid dribbling and shooting that’s in the basketball team, and I respected that I like some of the dialogues that certain lines really kept with me.

When Crissy’s menstrual character said you can not be his best to be a friend, you have to be his father. I respect that because I agree, and I just thought the dialogue was more engaging than I expected. Guys go into this movie I did not have much confidence that this is a pun, because movies like this are not usually performed well.

This movie was pretty well executed and when we get to the scene, the scene that makes them break another pun The movie was really well done. I liked it. The tension built up the emotion. Another thing I liked about this movie was the emotion that was very harsh, and even if you disagree with what someone says, I would not find it hard to get emotional only from the point of view of a parent or friend who has ever lost someone or allowed someone to undergo something that was a near-death experience, and this was done very well from that point of view, and I thought Mike Colter alias Luke Cage did a wonderful job in this scene and really a wonderful job throughout the movie and from a different perspective.

In the event that you are worried, yes, it’s the prayers and the faith and the true spirituality that comes with t The belief in being a Christian is in there, but it also shows what’s going on in the hospital and the Doctors come in and out, and guys, based on a true story, that’s something that really seems to have happened since I did not dive. I’m sure much of that story has been changed a bit to make it illustrate the drama and so on, but this is a true story, and the fact that they have gone that way I found really fitting for the movie and I do so I think at the end of the day this movie has got me off the point impressed that I do not have much anticipation.

Yes, there are very cheesy moments and dialogues that simply do not work in certain scenes, as I said, they just feel embarrassing about hard cuts in the middle of scenes that felt very disgusting, but overall, the end product was at the end of the Day from an acting point of view, well from a directing point of view, actually pretty decent and this movie impressed me and I think the target audience of who this movie is meal Not only to be for, can appreciate it, but also some critics who did not expect it to be a good movie because I think it’s a solid movie that’s not the best thing I’ve ever seen.

He did not want him to be biassed because he is a Christian. No. I have given many Christian films very bad grades because they are not well-made films. I do not think that’s one of them. I think this is a well-made movie and I think this is a movie doing what it should because of all the things I do not do. You breakthrough 65 percent of what he had to do, but I need you to do what you need to do. Let me know. Are you looking forward to it? Did you see it? Have not you seen it? Did it disappoint or impress you? I want to see all these things tomorrow.

The curse of the light. I’m not really excited about this movie, but I expect to review it for you, and then this weekend is going to be a hardcore Marvel Cinematic Universe weekend, as well as my regular Netflix reviews and of course Game of Thrones on Sunday. You are the absolute best.


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