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Breakdown 1997

Kurt Russell is simply one of the greatest of all time. In 1997, Vika slowed down a real thriller. He is not worried about those who think he is crazy. My wife thought he was worried about those who know he’s telling the truth, wife Russell Breakdown Sailes Finder, my name is Jimmy Cage, and today I’d like to recommend a movie that was very dear to me when I was younger I did these reviews from older movies.

I’d like to talk about some of my favorite movies, but I still do not try to pick out those that are extremely well known and loved by everyone, so I hope Jonathan Monstar’s action thriller collapse in 1997 could be something you want to watch after this video Jonathan Mostow’s filmography is not that big and he’s probably best known for directing the third film and the rise of the Terminator franchise of machines, which are two other films worth mentioning here.

His U-boat Waffle U 2000, and of course the collapse, especially because he also invented the stories of those two and co-wrote the screenplays that gave him the idea of ​​collapsing with his wife as he drove through Las Vegas, The film is extremely simple, but that ‘s one thing that suits me When a man searches for his missing wife after a car breakdown in the middle of the desert, Kurt Russell, one of the most charismatic sympathetic actors in the world, plays man The story of cinema His wife is played by Kathleen Quinlan and they are both up the way from Boston to San Diego. The money they had was put into a brand new car and they plan to start a new life.

Breakdown 1997 Movie Review 2 –
Breakdown 1997 Movie Review 2 –

There are only a few details of the movie revealed about this couple and its situation, but it’s all that’s needed, and it also reinforces the stakes later, though the villains of the movie believe that she and Kurt Russell’s Jeff Taylor’s character are rich People are not a secret war veteran or trained fighter, he’s your ordinary man, but what he is is determined to get his wife back, and it’s something the bad guys did wrong, him and his wife and a shiny new red car to see that they think they are simple As soon as their car breaks down and an apparently friendly trucker played by JT Watch offers to take them along, they decide to separate Jeff.

He’s waiting for a car while Amy drives her truck to the next diner to call a tow truck, but not only nobody seems to have seen her when Jeff checks to see if you’re Manta, but when he stumbled back into the same tracker, he allegedly never saw his wife or him before I vividly remember that this was always the moment that really bothered me as a kid this situation, being completely alone in the middle of the desert with the man who obviously had something in common with him Missing his wife has to do with this sudden realization that horrible things went awry and that I think it’s an absolute nightmare, the two main reasons why?

I break down for such a good, intense thriller is that he’s completely reduced in form and content is and only takes 93 minutes Long, almost without fat, there is no ramp in the exhibition, no side stories, no complex narrative, and filmmaking is sharpened to the point, and the other reason is the purity and the extreme of the emotions that the film can really convey Kurt Russell is fantastic in the role of a husband who does not stop before he gets his wife back and yet is not like Liam Neeson and, for example, is on the verge of not being strong enough.

The moment he is in a superior situation in which he has the upper hand, but when he is even stronger and more cathartic, a film that has me on the edge of my seat is a film that never loses its grip.

It’s going on all the time evolved by adding small narrative information about the villains’ motivation through small dialogues here and there or through a bit of environmental storytelling, ger good enough to create a picture in your head but not too much that would direct the focus of the film to pure cinematic excitement.

Jonathan Mostow together with the director of cinematography Dark Malsum and the composer Basel Apollodorus manage to create this super tension-threatening atmosphere Do this with great effect, if the opening credits that emerge before Labyrinth like maps of the American West, the vast, deserted, hot desert that will devour you as a whole and one or more people living with the supposedly richer people from the Crashing the East It’s a great backdrop and used to get scared. I am even paranoid. Maybe all the people in this diner are so dirty that I’m in the kidnapping.

We get some really great action standards and there may be one or two little moments in which it’s a bit over the top but accepted or celebrated at this point as an expression of anger and anger at the breakdown of the protagonists came out in 1997 and this year, more than 20 years later, it still has to be one of the most old-fashioned and practical action films. You still feel this action because you sense that the emotions in 1997 brought us a lot of incredible action movies. I like some of the following movies, but of all, Breakdown is the most real and horrible thing. Just compare the sound and the action with companies like Chimera Air Force One The fifth element meets Tomorrow Never Dies or the speed of collapse reaches the core. It is thin.

It arouses your emotions and takes you on a tense journey to the limits of this one man who is doing it again, brought to life by Kurt Russell in his heyday. In German, I would say that Panne is not Emma. I know that they are the best infiltrators and strongest Eretz. Until recently, I was sure that I would give a breakdown of 8 out of 10. It’s more like 8.1 But I do not do what you want me to stop. You want me to stop because I bet this baby is not having the right time.



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