Booksmart is the directorial debut of Olivia Wilde and tells the story of two seniors who are about to graduate and have studied their entire school years intensively. They never missed a project, never missed homework, and always tried their best to get to a great college. Discover that other children have been partying at school but are still in good colleges. You feel you have missed a great opportunity to spend another night before graduation Tomato Meter Metacritic IMDB. You can really start setting expectations for a movie that is not necessary.

This is a well-done comedy directed by someone who understands the genre specifically for a directorial debut and has two really good performances that really boost the movie and make it something that will matter to the current generation. It is very quotable. It has a lot of funny scenes. It was hard to escape followers because almost every movie I had a trailer for it and I do not really like knowing so much about movies that I try to avoid as much as I can so that I can go into the movie without knowing anything so I can have a fresh experience and hopefully surprise, so it was nice to see a comedy without the best jokes that we’re spoiled for me, like most comedy trailers.

The movie also has a really good sense of immediacy, because a lot of it takes place over the course of a night, so you feel really connected with these people, it never feels like it really lasts or does slowing down, and it’s as if this constant sequence of events that is still entertaining is actually building up an entertainment value while the movie is behind. It’s really climax necessarily at some point.

Booksmart –
Booksmart –

The end of the film I found myself wrapped up in these characters life I actually cared about them I wanted them to be in a happy place I wanted them to succeed and that was when I was Sometimes the movie feels a bit awesome, as if the characters are in a scene where it’s about playing a joke that plays the other actor, and you can see that improvisational sequence, sometimes played in the movie to the utmost when you’re watching If you’re watching a movie, especially comedies that you can feel when they come out of the script and fool each other, it’s sometimes funny and sometimes it was for the character, sometimes it feels like they are laughing and the laughter just does not come.

There are some sequences like this in the movie that do not always end up for me but these are subjective comedies. That’s why it’s so hard to stage comedies. That’s why I have a lot of respect for Olivia Wilde when I go out there and make this her directing debut and actually have a vision for it because it feels unique. It has a unique look. It feels like she has contributed something to this project. There is an energy behind it and much of this energy is due to the outstanding achievements of Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein. These two girls play wonderfully together.

They are supposed to have a very deep friendship between these two characters until they know some seriously corrupted secrets about the other person and you can feel that it felt absolutely authentic on the screen, that their relationship was clarified, even though you do not really have that much knew about their past, only in a minimal dialogue throughout the conversation about the course of this night that you can begin the feeling that these characters existed before the beginning of the film and continue to exist even after the end of the film is one of the best Compliments that you can make a movie character, if you feel that these people are living beyond the limits of your movie life, but one thing I’ve noticed in any case, that the film depends very much on the music, whether it is is about a song or a score, there is rarely a scene that does not exist. Of those who sometimes overpower It is that for this emotional manipulation, it’s a bit too much based on music, rather than script and character, especially in a sequence.

My favorite scene in the entire movie is when two characters have this really big argument in a single actor doing a great job, it was really very powerful and I thought it was great to work, and then the actors’ voices suddenly became this sequence from the mixture that goes down to zero, drowns out, and the musical score is suddenly over them and they are now arguing and their mouths are moving but no sounds are coming out and we just have this booming music score and for me that was one Betrayal of these amazing performances and again relying too much on music when you did not have to.

The music that they are sequences throughout the movie that really rely on very conspicuous musical arrangements early on. Sometimes cutting an outdoor recording of house music is super loud, then we cut home and suddenly SRIA is quiet. The movie is trying to surprise you with its selection of music and sometimes it works and sometimes I think they should have just relied on these two great actresses and on what they have already brought to the movie beyond that, though I think that this is a really funny movie with two great performance.



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