Beats 2019 Netflix – Non-Spoiler

Beats 2019 Netflix – Non-Spoiler

I watch the brand new movie or TV show on Netflix. Today’s movie is called Beats. I need you in the comments. Let me know what you thought, or did you expect this film, and let’s talk about a young talented man who has suffered a tragic loss in his life, met a disoriented manager trying to regain his career Being the first to be responsible for writing the summaries of the films on IMDB I would like to take a look at that because the wording is not what I just said. I had to spell it out to form a coherent sentence so I could get to this buddy, but okay, we talk about beats that I had no idea what it was about.

I did not even see a trailer that I knew about that he is Anthony Anderson, whom I really like. He knows more about his comedy, but when he retires and takes on a role that’s out there, it may be something else, though the films are not running. Not always the best I’ve ever had. I appreciate what he tells us and I always buy him as an actor when he is deep and emotional in this movie. I bought it and was curious about what he would do here and then the concept of the beats, how that fits in the movie actual story and in the first scenes you see the figure who wears beats headphones. I’m like oh no, this is just a commercial for Beats by Dre.

Do not get me wrong. I love beats for a good couple i had the same couple for Mexico no this is a commercial beginning I did not know which direction this movie would go in and before that scene with the beats I was very excited for the potential because there is a scene at the beginning of this movie that surprised me so much that I did not read the summary.

Beats 2019 Netflix "Non-Spoiler" Movie Review –
Beats 2019 Netflix “Non-Spoiler” Movie Review –

I would not read the abstract if you had not seen the movie because the summary actually reveals what happened to it at the beginning of this movie, but that shocked me so much it was so well handled and it was emotionally correct and it has this Kid hurt, for that kid that’s played on average by Kahlil, now I know him from Cobra Kai, he played a minor role in this show and he was really good, but that’s his actual, I think his feature film debut is so cool that he sees it right I like it when a young actor gets the chance to wear a movie, and although he was not the most dynamic actor I’ve ever seen, he was really good at that role because he did what he did would have.

When he realizes he is the talent has to persecute this child while this girl is being chased by his child, the circle is closing, and I really enjoyed this movie, and all the story points that I’ve just talked about were entertaining and intriguing emotional, because you buy, how he feels when he finally ventures out of his comfort zone.

You can feel the danger in him. The stress level is very high at that moment and because of what happened, you understand that and Anthony Anderson even though his character does not really know you at what angle he comes because he uses that kid to get his career back in Getting him involved with things, in the end, you bought that relationship, so you’re happy, or you’re upset about how this movie ended, right, it’s a bit cliché, a bit predictable, a bit conventional, It’s a movie I’ve seen elements of before, but it was adorable as well.

It was somehow surprising that it captured the film. In such a situation I have some problems with the film production. It’s a bit choppy in terms of the cut. Some of the transitions and the score did not inspire us, even though the score was good, they did not fit into the expected moments to be emotionally resonant, they play that score and somehow overwhelms the events on the screen, but all in all, I did a good time with this movie.

It was a surprise, one of the bigger surprises of the year on Netflix and I think one of the surprises. One big reason is that you have a star for the first time because of the talent you have for the first director of feature films, Chris Robinson and then an actor like Paul Walter Hauser who comes in and plays movies like I Tanya Black Clansmen in Cobra too, but you have actors like this, he and Anthony Anderson and this new kid, and they all work very well together and it’s just a beautiful story that I’m not sitting here saying that it’s the best movie I’ve seen all year.

There were definitely shortcomings and I do not think everyone will love this movie, but I really enjoyed it and it was surprising to me that neither 66 nor 4 beats were said, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would have thought it would be a commercial ats and then I thought it would be a clichéd and predictable story and it was a bit predictable, but I still had a good time with it.


  1. There were some parts that took me out of the movie and it wasn’t perfect but I really liked it for the most part


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