Annabelle Comes Home – Annabelle 3

Annabelle Comes Home – Annabelle 3

Everything you see here is either cursed or used in ritual practice. Nothing is a toy. It’s safer when these things are in here than outside. Sometimes it’s better to leave the ghost in the bottle, right? Any creepy things around you have hidden everything in a room so we’re safe. It’s not good if someone comes in there. Do not you do that? I think you have the wrong house, here is no Annabelle.

This is not a beacon for other ghosts. Welcome back to the rapiddrama. Today we check that Annabelle is coming home. This is the third installment of the NFL franchise. I think it’s the seventh or eighth installment of the franchise and it’s basically about the Demonologist of Eden about Lorraine Warren, who brings the possessed doll home and detains her in her artifact room. After that, if you’re sure while on vacation, she’s getting serious now. The movie was staged by Gary Doberman and written by Gary Doberman. Annabelle

It features McKenna, Madison actor Patrick Wilson Vera Farmiga, and some Ma and Katie Saris, of course, and this review is joined by a special guest from the Cinemania side, and youtube Tyler Calvert Tyler are you, hey, how are you? Do you know that you do not have much time because you will soon see another doll movie?

Home animal come home saw They had an IMAX theater here in Boston last night, oddly enough, as if we thought the show was going to be in a regular theater, but they threw us an IMAX theater evocation of the conjuring universe movies that they usually get in IMAX theaters or in Dolby, at least in OB, but I know, I know that I saw the movies now and IMAX over a weekend, and I was a cold experience in IMAX too watch, though the movies are not that great.

Uh yeah, excited, so I’m excited that Contra 3 is in IMAX – well, Annabelle, it’s just not crazy or more complicated, only the horrors are more frightening because it’s not bigger, you know what I mean, it’s like a bigger screen, but I’m talking about the movie that I thought was having a good time with it.It was not great. Annabelle

Of course it is definitely miles better than the first, but I think I still have the second episode and the deposit enjoyed creation a bit more than was good enough I had one I had the paprika scare was really good I liked the containment vibe of what are your thoughts what do you think I agree I definitely think the second Annabelle creation was better but this was fun.

I mean, it was not groundbreaking in the horror genre, but I think these movies have understood what they are and are just trying to have mostly fun because it’s the mass audiences kind of horror movies are not trying to be specific or to care about another niche, it just tries to have mainstream fun, and it just was like that I said, as I said in the group chat, it’s basically like a big haunted house attraction, but like a big budget version on the screen, it has that kind of vibe.

I really had a good time with it the only ones I would ever say what I thought about this movie when I saw it was just the fact that with these films they start the evocative kind of movies that they start to build exactly the same EEE, you know you, what I’ve always thought of and what I’ve always thought of: It feels the same now as in the movies, as I would say the nun who felt the same way in the movies, and I still have not really felt like a fresh movie in this series. Annabelle

Annabelle Comes Home - Annabelle 3 –
Annabelle Comes Home – Annabelle 3 –

Would you agree with me or what do you think, I think that’s because pretty much the writer of all these movies is, except for the main summons entries like that, but I was as if he had written the nun at Three Annabelle Movies was the curse of La Llorona, who was hardly tied to cotton, so he had the same right, of course, if he had the same style The directors have changed quite a bit each time and now he is leading it, but it is the same kind so that you do not get too much difference between the directors because the directors that they get, of course, are all they have all have their own style elements, but the real story will somehow be the same because it’s the same writer yes I would um um I would agree they.

The movie is just me I thought I’m good the writing was good enough I did not expect much humor, it’s also a lot of Humor in it.

Yes, many moments when my audience laughed and although I was fine, I laughed with them in a moment. I do not think they each wanted to be a moment, somehow humorous, as if I were laughing like I am The parts that we are as if you knew when you enter the third act, and all that you do about it know of movies somehow end up the same – but they are great, as the great demon betrays it, and then they like to take their souls, and there is one.

There is always a cross and maybe some holy water and you know that You know what I mean, that’s what I think, when you think about it, that it has a similar, even Arizona, in which it looks like it’s the same holy water, because the curse you are pretty much anchored in the house and Annabelle is just right home. Um, exactly what I did. I liked the fact that the movie basically plays in this house. I’ve always wanted them to explore their father’s house and stuff, and I’m glad the movie is no different.

I’m glad they went that way, with the fact that it’s movies when they arrive The Guardian’s house you know, because if it had been the third part of someone else’s, oh my god, that Doumit, how many people will have this damn doll, although I think I’m still going, I’m the first movie to date It should still have been about those who were supposed to have the first seat of these three main characters from the first movie aired from the first conjuring movie.

Yeah, the first movie should have been, or why they, with whom I do not know, why they somehow took it off the rails This family and the baby and all these stupidities, because the whole story with the kid and the three teenagers or whatever that is, is a true story. That would have been a month that would have been such that they actually had such experiences in the basics right yes.

I mean we all know that this did not happen, none of that happened when it was actually brought home, so I have it I’ll probably buy it again, but I thought some of the character choices were so stupid, and of course this is a character that you know needs to be the one that has everything ready for everyone, She was everything that she found so annoying and so it is unbearable that there is a love interest that I did not like.

Yes, it’s as if it was another thing that I did not like. I did not like the opening of the movie literally corresponds to the opening scene the title card to the title card literally feels like the first marital, so the movie does not feel to me, at least it does not feel like another’s vision, It feels like what can I do to make this as close as possible to the magic, as it may well be that really cool promotional material is shown and Lorraine Warren a fair amount, but not too crazy amount.

Yeah, it’s like I do not know if that’s like tempting people from the beginning to know fans of the first two conjuring films like hey and Lorraine Warner if you want to see them in another adventure, but they are not the center of the actual movie in which they find themselves as if they were in the When I started, I was, as I said in my review.

They are basically it’s enough not to be a cameo but they are not enough to be regarded as stars, and they are also somehow like medium-sized stars of the movie, right, I would definitely have to agree, yes, I definitely agree with that and they feel that they feel in it and I think that they will bend in about five minutes and when you talk about screaming and that’s about how long they are in and because we all know it all looks like a toast for three, but I really liked McKenna because she was really good.

She’s just a really good actress, who you know to be the best agent because I mean, she’ll be like oh yeah, even though you know that a lot of it is minor roles, I mean, she was like the young Captain Marvel, the young Gabrielle. You know, me Tanya, she’s the young version of so many characters, whether Tonya Harding or Captain Marvel, she was really great and talented too, that’s a really undervalued Yes, really good. I was in these little parts. It’s really interesting to see her break out and try to get those lead roles From time to time I thought she was really good.

I like demons and the brand promise that Annabelle is a kind of Han, so there’s one that’s not just a spoiler because they’ve somehow announced that there’s some sort of setup I will not say the other kind of setup, though it’s a special setup called the bride. I think it’s cool enough, it looks like a step backward if you want to do that, but I mean, I would not be a bit run down and see more of it, even though I did it, did you know, than you did the UM showed the actual look of the dress and all the stuff and they had a picture, the picture was scary, so yes, well, I want to see more, what and what happened there, you know what I mean and me and there this TV that I really liked.

It was so cheesy, but it was so cool. I liked it and they are so much umm that there is a lot of subtlety in it too. Also the franchise in this movie.

I do not know if you caught an Easter Egg pretty early, in the beginning, I did not catch you, it has something to do with a very recent cursing franchise movie, just like the last one I think the street works, Yes, did you see who that was? car crash it was blank in blank from the last movie it was cool just thought that was really cool.

I think it’s all connected and stuff like that i think the little subtleties i do not like When movies hammer on the head that it’s related, but the way they’re subtle, that’s the subtlety that’s really cool, that oh snap that’s what their face is, even though I do not like the movie so much, that’s What you feel, what this face is cool, you know, okay, one thing I did not like is another demonic entity and it’s like a wolf.

It was awful, but I was not sure if it would come out the way you know person and practical fan I felt like I was watching Teen Wolf or just so awful I was okay alright that this whole movie was shrouded in fog was, because if it did not look really bad, I was like that. I said it.

I said that this is too silly, like the movies that are silly, but that’s too silly, do not spend too much time on this damned creature, it’s not good, yeah well, that was so silly for that kind of thing of action, but, I’ll get started, but I think, yes, me That’s what I mean, I had a good time with it. It is fun.

It’s like a horror version of Night at the Museum. If you’re a fan of these movies, have fun with them. They do a lot of creative things so that they are what they have been given and what they are allowed to do. I had a fun time with it. I had a good time. So, the last thoughts, before you get off. Yeah, museum, I’d say as well, as I said, before it’s a bit of a haunting, one of those cursed attractions that you visit on Halloween, just one of those big, fun houses that you know it is Fog, it has all the scary people lurking in the shadows, waiting to jump out and be scary.

It’s basically like a big budget version of it, so yes Stuff and you find stuff to be fun as if you were having some fun with it, which is definitely one of the better of these spin-off movies, because I believe we’ve both seen before that we definitely have the second and the second But more like this, I think, this is the second best between “like this” and the conjuration of the nun and the curse a la Llorona and the first Annabelle. I mean, this is probably the best of the other spin-offs out there, you know, and all the creations are completely consistent.

I think the last two Annabel movies that I think work without the first one. I think they are so much better at it and I can not wait to see what else they are doing.

I do not think we’ll see another animal movie, but when things are going well, it’s pretty much a mess. I still do not know what else you can do But still find something out, my God, it’s them who drop Rob off at their cousins ​​and now they are, yes, they’ll find out something, but if I’m too If I had to count on the three films, I would probably still be number two and then three and then one is just a terrible story and that scares a lot better and I like the act I like better, to like the new Lou Wilson It’s always great. Yeah, yeah, I’m all, it was a fun time when you’re in fright, I mean if you miss out on some good horror this summer or just some good movies.

I mean, yes, go out and see that you have a good time. Tyler has a good time kidding and a few minutes before you leave, let everyone know where they can find you.



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