This is a Swedish science-fiction Aniara movie, a phrase that I have not heard often and that is surprisingly ambitious.

I admire the ingenuity of the filmmakers I’ve always liked when small productions need to get creative If they need to figure out how to achieve their goals on a limited budget, anyone could have made that film a hundred million dollars, but I doubt that this cost more than a couple, as this is the budget of an average Swedish film and they were forced to work with what they had and I really like what they came up with, but first and foremost Here is the massive spaceship called the emergency room The story essentially follows two people aboard trying to deal with the situation. Let’s just say there are a few interesting twists required.

In the devastating Swedish sci-fi era, a spaceship designed to travel from ruined earth to a colony on Mars encounters rubble and catastrophic consequences. Emily Johnson returns to her work with the crew, who appeased anxious passengers with images of the earth before the fires colored the blue marble brown. However, as soon as it turns out that the ship has ejected its fuel in the impact on the debris, it is impossible to dream of the brutal reality without fuel Dyani The air and its passengers are condemned to drifting in the infinite emptiness of space.

Aniara -
Aniara –

The pani era is based on a 1956 Swedish poet Harry Martinson’s poem, in which he adapted Martinson’s story of a spaceship racing into the abyss taken by filmmakers Pellicer Gurmann and Hugo Lelia. A subdued approach with more corporate than Futuristic sets and the orientation of the actors on the melodrama fate can be romantic on the page on which the reader has room to roam. However, when Hagerman and Lelia do it wisely, they build their film without leaving anything. For the ghost, which also consumes relentless tragedies, crumbles society.

If the viewer succumbs to despair, he is as imprisoned as the budding colonists. Sometimes the commitment to Tristesse feels artistically admirable. Facing the Void at lightning speed, the movie refuses to comfort the audience that came along for the ride, but mostly it is a movie that simulates the experience of losing the will, even for the bravest travelers a daunting premise Life.


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