Always Be My Maybe Movie Review

Always Be My Maybe 2019

We hope again on the Netflix train that a movie call will Always Be My Maybe, and if I’m completely honest, I really do not have that much thought about it, and I’m not saying that because it’s a bad movie I’m not saying that at all but I say that because it was basically just an ordinary romantic comedy that contained some pretty good jokes, it was also a bit cheesy there and acting is decent, it’s not terrible, but mostly it’s just one of these above-average films, which is the basic plot of the film in which Randall Park and Ali Wong grew up as childhood friends.

They were awesome Nearby, and then Randall Park’s mom dies, and a few years later, when they’re grown up and Ali Bong is like this restaurant starter, she gets a little out of hand Making movies is okay and Randall Park does not have it He really made a lot of changes. He’s just the same guy who lives in the same city and has the same job he did a few years ago.

He’s never really evolved and then they meet at some point and try to revive their friendship, and then you can somehow tell where it’s going, and I know I sound a bit boring when I describe the film, but it was not a boring movie, it’s definitely a pretty far-above-average movie that’s a lot better than most others on Netflix. that’s for sure a lot of the humor has really worked for me as if it probably has two or three moments in it There was one of the most random cameos in the movie, about half an hour and forty-five minutes, and I was just as if it were one of those things that happened so far disappeared from the left field, that you’re just kind of shocked and laugh about it The same time was one of those things, but yes that was cool.

Always Be My Maybe –
Always Be My Maybe –

The guy who plays the father of Randall Parks was really funny. He had a lot of things that worked well. Randall Park is just a national freak sweetheart, and Ali Wong comes off, so you know she’s going to do some good and really good stuff. The whole side cast was just pretty good. In general, you had the guy who plays Dopinder from all Deadpool movies.

He has some funny things with him. Sharleen II was in the film and I thought she was under-challenged, although I felt like she could have done much more than the girl who plays Allie Wong’s best friend, she’s fine, she had a few moments and Daniel Dae Kim was in the movie, but he does not do anything special, he was just kind of there to be there and it’s a rom-com, so the movies are going to be pretty cheesy.

But that’s to be expected, so I was okay, which in turn it also means that the acting has taken a long time to dive here and there in quality and of course because it is a rom com the end can really only go two ways, so there is not much exciting, but on the other hand it turns film more about the journey and the journey was still quite funny and entertaining, even if she was it was not perfect, because I liked how the movie ended, it was actually not bad and there is also a kind of musical element in the movie I did not expect, and it was just not fancy, but it’s just solid.

It was good that it was there, but overall I thought it was a pretty solid watch. I’m just not going to like it so much to see it again, so I think I’ll give it a score of 10 for a good 7.8 it was a better one than a usable movie and I would say I put him in the pay gap for Netflix, but anyway, people, these are my thoughts, what are your thoughts, did you see that? The movie, did you hear about it?


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