Alita: Battle Angel

Alita: Battle Angel

All right, we have the doctor-light parallel. We have the Megaman parallel. We can now make a mega-man movie. It looks like we can not know if it’ll be okay. But I have now seen the different characters on the screen. I feel like we can make sure that I do not know what came first. Mega Man or Aleta the Manga.

I do not know that Standish thought a Mega Man is worth the search for the reason to run on December 15, 1990. Mega Man Elita Battle Angels will thus lead a Battle Angel is a movie directed by James Cameron was produced by Robert Rodriguez based on an ancient manga. I did not read the manga, so if I criticize something in this movie, oh, they said it. It did not make sense. I thought it was stupid and it happened in the original books. I did not read it. I only criticize how I saw it on the screen.

The story is 25, which is pretty far in the future a big war a few hundred years ago, the landscape of the whole earth fundamentally changed as I understand it as it is portrayed in the movie that there is this city and then this one great city hovering over the city so everyone in the lower city is like we’re in hole, we want to be up there, everyone up there who you feel like they’re high society People who run the show, but there are a lot of people who are cyborgs, now they have these cyber enhancements, to the point where you feel like you’re mostly machines, yes, as if you were Christoph Waltz He finds his cyborg and he’s like oh, you’re special and you’re alive and I want another daughter, so he gives her a body, she has amnesia, it’s like her father and daughter, but she is more than at first Bl ick Many people want to kill her and that’s why she’s really good at fighting.

That’s pretty much what I can take with me. Let me talk about the things that are most talked about in this movie. These are the visuals, oh my gosh, the visuals in this movie are crazy they make for an In interesting, world-busting combat sequences this is a damn good CGI. It is really impressive. Man White always impresses me between WATA and ILM. I always thought Ladda was more photorealistic.

They have always impressed me, they have always improved the game and they are doing it here and as I said, the fighting sequences were really exciting this girl just beats the ass that’s what she does there’s a bargain in particular I was like I am infernal am I like even the character interactions that lead to the tension This world is an interesting world that feels like a living world when I watch a movie like this, when it is on another world or in the future or if I always think I want to live here I do not usually like being here, because there are not the comforts we have in our world, but damn, if I was not like that, it would probably be fun, Christoph Waltz ‘Character and Alita to bring their momentum together, they were just the ones that brought them, heart,,, it was a really sweet story between these two, which I like to watch while I look at them. Rosa Salazar plays her. She is just a charming character. Her radiant naivety towards people is something, she is just a positive person or a cyborg, and I always like it.

Alita Battle Angel 2 –
Alita Battle Angel 2 –

When people who are positive have to struggle with people who are positive to see the darker side of humanity, it is a blast for her dream, not really buying the romance between her and the do and some of the actors I thought were wasted, Jennifer Connelly could have been played by anyone, Madhuri Lally, one of the best actors working and this is always a sort of waste in the moon, I would feel that my Hershel alley the thing of Street Fighter, in which it looks as if he totally drives up the movie, totally blows up, and I’m going to argue with somebody He’s all right, but not my Hershel lane, but he’s back.

I feel he could have been played by one of many people, and this movie is about one of the things that the manga had to touch on. Pretty beloved series and I refuse to believe that the beloved series is oh hey. Here is a story about a girl who can not lose a fight. So, what’s your system that’s like Oh High Society in the Floating City, and then j lives because it is not as if these subjects were not here, they are on a superficial level here, but they never really hit them on a cerebral scale.

I do not like it when the movie deepens this story because I did it I saw the collection of books that I do not know how much they put into this one movie, but I think it was very much, so there’s a lot of stories in this movie we’re stuck in. Much of the story in this one movie, whether it’s flowing or not, and the story would have benefited from being an HBO show, or something, which would have 12 hours to really devote to the story, but by that time the show would not have looked as impressive as the movie day, so the visuals would be successful, but storytelling would be better. I would prefer the storytelling of the visuals and it looks like the film feels very tight and even Aleta never loses a fight she never loses taking back half of it.

There was a fight in which she is pretty bad form to the end, but she still does not lose the fight I do not know if it is a spoiler to say that she never loses a fight in which she is in bad shape is, but she never had the moment to retire, as if she can not fight against this person right now, because that’s a level 60. I’m a bit 10 years old, have to crawl off, go down a drain or something and hopefully come back. It’s like he has Superman, but at this point, you do not have any kryptonite you have to give decisions. There are a few difficult decisions, when I actually think about these difficult choices, maybe never like oh my god, that’s dark, this is a decision that you must make, not as if you were between this city that is being devastated or the one that had to decide the blame The line is split without the ability to fly around words of the earth and time is reversed, Now she is just bad. She is iddqd and doom bad. That’s pretty funny.

I did that I did the god mode encoding in order. Let’s just waste demons, but then I’ll get sick of it and like all right, I want the thrill of p. Maybe lose the thrill that is not even in here, like going back to a really old show canceled called Daredayer, the reason why I like being a daredevil, because daredevil beat his ass a few times, he had to stow his tail and run away like me A retreat can not do that at the moment. At a time when she just can not be stopped, she gets the Mario star. She is like my ninja moves. I just thought it up myself, but there is a difference between strong female figure and unstoppable observation of this monologue and Angus. I’ll paste this link down if it exists on YouTube.

That monologue George saw in Scott in the movie Angus about Superman, I’ve heard that many times before, but that’s where I heard it for the first time, and there I point it out in the end. Alita Battle Angel I enjoy it It’s visually stunning, it’s exciting, it has a surprising amount of heart and humor, but I felt that some of the actors were wasting some of the issues that could have touched me without my being interested in more of this world I hope there will be a sequel, but it all depends on the box office. We will see that I am more involved in this film than I am sorry.

I do not want that when you say something great you can just be like oh yeah, that was cool to keep going, I had to disassemble the negatives more than the positives to justify it, so sometimes negatives take up more space if you go to In this interesting movie, where everything is going down, I mean, elite is fine, it’s good entertainment. In the end, I’ll say Elite in Battle Angel was a good time. It starts out really fascinating and ends up a bit rough around the edges but still a fun time.


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