Aladdin 2019

Aladdin 2019

Today we will talk about the brand new Latin movie “Aladdin” that came out only a few months ago. I’ve seen this movie with my family and we loved it, it could be so much of the original and it has a lot in common Also, from the original, they take so much weight off of the magic, whatever it is, away, well I saw it last Friday. It’s been almost a week since I saw it and it’s just going to be my non-spoiler movie, I mean.

Here’s the catch, this movie is basically the remake of the original vision. If you have not seen the original, you need to look at it, otherwise, you’ll just be alright, but you really have to see the original in order. I’d like to understand what’s going on with this, just so you know they missed a few parts of the night because that’s what this movie often does. There were quite a few parts of a change, as the story is and everything, yes, but all in all, actors around every single actor have made an area.

The fantastic role of this film is just beginning with the Ladin. I do not know who does that. What am I doing? Who is the sector? I think that’s like his big premiere in my Hollywood movie. I guess because I’ve never seen this actor and my wife, so I would say he did a great job with this wall, and he looks pretty good. Aden um, his pet monkey boo. I remember the name. Either a boo.

It is not so. I do not know the monkey, it was a fantastic world because although it is a CGI monkey that is funny to Naomi Scott, as Jasmine she plays a great role, it fits perfectly. I obviously know them well as Power Rangers’ pink power ranger, and I can’t wait if they make a sequel because I really loved the Power Rangers movie, so Naomi Scott does a fantastic job makes, as Jasmine looks fantastic too.

She looks exactly like her. The tiger can not remember what the Tigers name is, which is not quite the same with her as this movie he tiger is not so much with jasmin as he was in the original but he still has some scenes with him and her just a bit and her little servant I still do not know this name but I don’t think we got the maid from like the original too but she plays a big part in this movie, along with jasmine as if she always with her would be. So I say that and then the mind Will Smith personally I would not say that it is much better than um Willie Roberts um genius.

Aladdin : Movie Review –
Aladdin : Movie Review –

I’m pretty sure I found the actor. I think I’m sorry if I do not, but yes, with the sheep I know he did not do It’s not as great as the original, but I still liked it as a genius, um to be honest. Will Smith’s moments are like a swollen Smith moment, but he’s pretty good in spite of how a CGI looked a bit Effie, but it did not look bad I really enjoyed it I think the main rogue Jafar He’s also doing really well Work, though he does not characterize Jafar’s appearance as iconically bad-looking, with a tall, thin head and a weird beard and all, but he still does a good job, which is A bit quiet and the way he speaks is as if he is not as beloved as usual.

I think he did a pretty good job with the role, and Peretz is obviously at his side so he’ll say some random, so that’s Jasmine’s father I Forgotten, it’s not his name, but I can somehow see him as something not as great as Jasmin’s original father, but he’s also doing Rol I’m still doing great work. I say no one else is that. Aladdin

I would also say that the music is great, and that comes back very much from the original. I think even though it’s like live action and is a musical and action movie, especially from an original remake, it kinda blew me away a bit because I’m like huh, I totally forgot the fact t what they like Making musicals and it’s like they’re still making musicals, like Aladdin and I, the monkey, being hunted in the streets and having them the whole song with street i say the whole song liver was I lost the track completely.

I was like oh snap they still go back to the whole musical thing and I find the musicals and the dancing and they were really great as if they had it I really enjoyed every minute I saw her dancing and all that I really loved so much when Aladdin tried to impress Jasmine at the party when he was so called Prince Ali. Aladdin

I think I loved this scene so much that it was actually my favorite moments in the movie and I’m sure that they’ve taken some of the movie out, like the old man and the chambers with Aladdin. He never came into a chamber he caught up with, but he was put into a desert with Jafar face to face, I see how that works, the cave of miracles. I think they have done a great job, and the tide does not like it when the entrance to the tiger head looks really realistic and I do not. ‘I do not think they took that far, apart from the fact that it does not look like TalkTalk with movement, it just sits there and talks about what really bothered me a lot.

I really enjoyed it, magic carpet that was awesome looks pretty realistic in my opinion but although this is all CGI at anything else the lamp looked really good and most of the scenes of evil jafar in the end looked a bit interesting weird I’m really surprised that they are not surprised anyway that they have it in the snake version of Jafar um I think that’s a small spoiler right there, because that’s not part of the old one.

But they have a lot of Things changed and it’s just pretty crazy how that was done, but yes, they’ve done a lot of it, oh I’m trying to believe that it was something else like they did, oh yeah, I guess that It was also and I like the movie I gave as a yeah because I just did not enjoy it too much and I think it was really referring to the original as a b I’m as good as possible It’s like the next best thing for 2019 and they’ve made so many Disney movies this year.

Oh my god, I obviously have Aladdin. You have Dumbo, which came out earlier this year, and that never interested me. I never saw it. I really liked it from the beginning. The Lion King comes out, oh my god. I can not wait for the boobie, who looks so good, to be staged by Jon Favreau. He is really good because he did like the jungle book. So that was really good and yes This is for sure the year of Disney. There are going to be a lot of great movies coming out.


  1. Went in with low expectations, divorced myself from the original (did not rewatch it beforehand), and had a great time!

  2. I had very low expectations and I enjoyed it immensely. It took all of 30 seconds for me to be completely sold on Will Smith as Genie.


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