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Welcome to RapidDrama

The only thing better than seeing, reading, or playing something you love is helping someone else discover it.

Above all, RapidDrama employees are fans. We know that in addition to science fiction and superhero blockbusters there is also plenty of room for comedy and prestige movies. We believe that video games should be celebrated for their stories, characters, and worlds as much as for their gameplay.

Above all, RapidDrama believes in the transformative power of storytelling in all its limitless variations. Are we critical? Absolutely. But we never make the mistake of believing we are smarter than the material we handle. We do not talk to our audience because we are our audience.

Today’s fans pick up the timeless, up-and-coming messages from the screen and the page, looking for ways to connect, transform and convince others to share their adventures.
We are here to help you.

RapidDrama is dedicated to the interests of today’s entertainment enthusiasts. Every month we reach nearly 1 million users worldwide. Our audience is excited about the choices it makes and acts on our recommendations.

Meet our teams

Editor-In-Chief: Jessie M. Washburn

Editor : Nathaniel Marshall

Editor : William Snyder

Deputy Editor : Ruby Martin

TV Editor : Rickey Brannon

Film Editor : Gregory Mitchell

CEO : Denise Landon

Office Address:

4435 Tully Street Detroit, MI 48207

Phone : +3126277982

Mail : info@rapiddrama.com