A Quiet Place Movie Review

A Quiet Place Movie Review

A Quiet Place when it was first recorded in Hulu. I just forgot to review it, and the reason is that this movie looks very good. People compare it to A Quiet Place that came out in the summer of the same year last year and they are like well, A quiet place is like the good version of the bird box. Let me say that there is no good version of these stories.

Here you have stupid, unlikely characters who survive out of sheer stupidity, I think it looks alright, so it was written in the direction. It’s at least led by Jim out of the office I’ve just seen, and he’s also involved his wife, and you think, alright, what’s the big deal, well, I’ll tell you what it is that everyone quiet at any time of the day, because every sound literally makes a creature jump out everywhere in Kill yo ass, as your child shows it is sacrificed at the beginning of the movie.

How did this family survive? At this point, they certainly have an abandoned rocket silo, and then they keep it totally alive, they are away from the noise they have in the resort to have a farm, and they have to be super quiet on their farm, even though you get diarrhea, when you die you die you die you have a nightmare you die somebody else sees how stupid that is this is a movie that gets rave reviews they do not even have an emergency plan and you tell me this is the last family on the Oh well, they have understood how important it is to be quiet and use sign language because they hardly have a deaf-mute daughter and these creatures look like if you want to give me that kind of scenario is more like outer limits.

A Quiet Place SUCKS - rapiddrama.com
A Quiet Place SUCKS – rapiddrama.com

There is a science fiction component of how these things come here. How can so many of them exist that they are omnipresent and have already eaten all the available food sources to survive on what lives in the region? Soil and sit there I say forever, people on earth, we would go into the 80’s and 90’s do not allow a movie to slip so stupidly if we have good content from Hollywood.

You give A Quiet Place to pass, because it’s about motherhood and she has to give birth to a child herself and they can not make a sound, oh, it’s so intense when it’s really stupid, two of them to award four stars for the five of you who still watch Up to a dollar a month to get access to my weekly podcast, what are you chicken?


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