1917 Trailer REACTION

1917 Trailer REACTION

I do not know what’s going on with these trailers today, but this is my third trailer response to the Hey and we have a first official trailer for 1917.

I’ve heard that this seems to be all in I’m not sure that was confirmed, but let’s take a look at this trailer so I do not know if it’s just a shot, but it looks very good. It looks super intense.

I was like no, but he’s directing Ford against Ferrari and I forgot it’s Sam Mendes. Yes, that looks good. The cast here is pretty much super excited to watch this movie.

1917 Trailer REACTION - rapiddrama.com
1917 Trailer REACTION – rapiddrama.com

What about you? What did you think about this first official trailer for 1917? Did you like it? Did you hear the same thing, that everything was shot in one shot? Please tell me this in a commentary ion below.


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