13 Reasons Why: Season 3 Trailer REACTION

13 Reasons Why: Season 3 Trailer REACTION

You tell me, Hanna in a bright state and just talk like in a life after death. They talk to it. I think that was too much. I’m so sorry that it’s not Vienna anymore, but I did not really know how to use one to keep it long in the sense that you’re talking about Hanna and have not heard from me, but obviously I’ve seen how she has faded to my son.

Let me know in the comment section below who you think he did because I am I think it’s not the one we think is right and we are, even though you know thirteen reasons why you’re one can be a bit complicated. So it’s not as easy or as easy as something that I think you know now. I say that the saying is, that it could be a group work, who killed him because obviously, you know that my husband is an asshole, know what from Intel. I’ve told myself, um, me and that’s crazy, because I do not mean it, we all know what I mean, I could write the status, but I’m just saying right, like I’m killing, like that right.

I mean, he deserves to be punished I do not hope I want to know what happened to Tyler Lamar because I think the second season ended when Clay Tyler and Tyler took a gun, climbed in Tony’s car and then drove off and then they just ended up like a wide-angle backup and all you see is that I think it was Clay Justin I think I do not know it’s been a minute since I did think of Season 2, but all with clay with the gun No, it can not be that it can not be. It can not be that easy. You can not tell me that Clay just killed the button.

It can be so easy. But I see now I got the reward for season two because I do not know they hinted that someone killed Brice You know like in season four, or you know someone else wants to die. You have one in which you shoot season five. I do not know if they do that, but injustice, Jesus Justin The season is not even over. Who is the new girl? It was a new girl who showed her how to cleanse some blood.

13 Reasons Why Season 3 - rapiddrama.com
13 Reasons Why Season 3 – rapiddrama.com

I know, it’s not her. Yes, you know, but I feel she has something to do with it. I feel that each one of them had knowledge of what happened, or they did something to help you to kill him. I’m telling you now that Bryce had nothing but that he was not involved in the actual killing. I really hope that it will not be me, but I ‘m glad they came out by accident with their Jesus, but I am sorry if I have spoiled anything, but if you have seen all my reaction, you are Hoping I’ll keep you posted, but let me know who you are.

I think you know other suspects or who do you think has really done it and yes and I still want to know what happened. Tyler is breathing as if you were feeling that come to Jesus Casilla. Season 2 ended Oh God, what has happened to Thailand is no different than not coming back to it. Oh god, I could see it myself People who have nothing stylish and a loving stay


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